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Wanna learn abroad yet didn’t wanna go far away from Sri Lanka? No more worries, our neighborhood country, India welcomes you. India being the second populous country in the world has undergone expeditious expansion in diverse field while education marks its own place.

Studying abroad in a top ranking university is no more a dream if you choose to study in India since international students like Sri Lankan students have thousands of universities and colleges to choose from. In fact, the ranking list has a majority of the Indian institute of technology and all India institute of Medical sciences for students to take admission in.

A major problem you might face while studying in a foreign country is that it might take time for you to adjust to their culture, but when it comes to India the things will be easy because of their diverse culture and also the cost of living in India is pretty much cheaper compared to the giant education hubs such as UK, US and Australia.

The country has much more to offer students who choose to study and migrate to India apart from dazzling cultures to natural beauty to diverse history. Since India is home to over 400 cities spread across the nation, and each city owns its own unique traditions, cultures and values, there’s something you can take back home.

Living in India is totally different from residing there to study because India has 22 official languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and much more. International students are likely to come across the students who hail from other cities of India with diverse mother tongue. Hence you need not to think twice to apply for a student visa of India.

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