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Dreamed of studying abroad but didn’t want to cross Asia? Singapore, the top five student city of Asia is waiting for you. Owning a rapidly developing economy it offers a slew of new age institutions for those who love to study in Singapore. Apart from the subsidiaries of international universities, Singapore has its own universities which would exactly fit the dreams of you.

Singapore is the perfect destination to taste the global education because the electric bunch of students would assure you an international education experience not merely inside the class room but also elsewhere. Being the perfect example for the top five student cities Singapore attracts the international students through exchange programs. Apart from attracting lot of exchange students from Europe it also houses many international campuses of popular universities across the world like Curtin university of Australia, University of Nevada in US or Shanghai Jiatong university of China. This provides the students who study in Singapore to explore and understand the foreign cultures within Singapore itself.

While Singapore definitely stands as one of the leading study destination of Asia, it has also made its mark in the international arena with a slew of high ranked universities. National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) were able win places among the top 50 universities of the world. Since the Singaporean universities collaborate with many associations and universities across the world, thus, making them truly international universities which is not going to make you regret for getting your student visa for Singapore.

As Singapore scores high in the standard of living, expats from all over the world migrate to Singapore. In fact, Singapore is the easiest city to adjust in Asia, especially for Sri Lankan students like you. Being home to a large number of foreigners, the well-known financial center of Asia also offers a diverse background to the international students of Singapore. Also, Singapore offers an electric mix of experiences which makes it a magnet for international students.

Apart from fulfilling the academic side Singapore will also be a good destination for the adventure lovers like you which is going to add unforgettable memories for your travel diary.

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